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Civilian Police Oversight Agency (CPOA)

Information about the Civilian Police Oversight Agency.

Police Complaints: What Happens Next?

View the Oversight Process - Approved Flow Chart

  1. The complaint is assigned to a Civilian Police Oversight Agency investigator for a thorough independent investigation.
  2. The Civilian Police Oversight Agency Executive Director reviews the outcome of the investigation and recommends the discipline to be imposed, if any.
  3. The Police Oversight Board reviews the findings of the Executive Director for final recommendation to the Chief of Police.
  4. Chief of Police agrees or disagrees with the final recommendations. If disagrees, the Chief of Police has 30 days to submit a letter of explanation to the Police Oversight Board.

Police Oversight City Ordinance

Download the Police Oversight City Ordinance.

Department of Justice Settlement Agreement

Download the Department of Justice Settlement Agreement.

Community Engagement Opportunities

Police Oversight Board Member Application

Applicants will be evaluated against the minimum qualifications described below and other criteria as described in the Police Oversight Ordinance.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Have not been employed by law enforcement for one year prior to appointment
  • Successfully pass a background check
  • Personal history lacking any pattern of unsubstantiated complaints against APD
  • A demonstrated ability to engage in mature, impartial decision making
  • A commitment to transparency and impartial decision making
  • Residency within the City of Albuquerque

There is no minimum required education or work experience to be considered to serve on this board.


NACOLE - National Association of Civilian Oversight and Law Enforcement 

Annual Conference in Albuquerque - Sept. 25-29, 2016

Conference Theme: Confronting Systemic Injustice