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City of Albuquerque Logo

Information about the City of Albuquerque's Logo.

City of Albuquerque Logo Guidelines

The official logo of the City of Albuquerque, N.M., is available for use in print or electronic form by any approved agency, in accordance with these guidelines. Approved styles and file formats are available.

User Agency Guidelines

User agencies shall:

  1. Maintain the high quality of the logo and safeguard the established prestige and goodwill related to the logo.
  2. Take all necessary steps, and all steps reasonably requested by the City of Albuquerque, to prevent or avoid any misuse of the logo.
  3. Avoid using the logo in any way or for any purpose, which the City of Albuquerque, in its sole discretion, determines, has or could have an adverse impact of the City of Albuquerque's reputation or interests.
  4. Agree that use of the logo by any non­City of Albuquerque agency, whether approved or non­approved, does not create a partnership or agency agreement.

Unless pre­approved by the Office of the Mayor, City of Albuquerque, user agencies shall not:

  1. Alter the logo in any way.
  2. Redesign, redraw, animate, modify, distort, or alter the proportions of the logo.
  3. Add words, images, or any other new elements to the logo.
  4. Modify the size or position relationship of any element within the logo.

Technical Guidelines

Example 1 Image of a logo example on a background in transparent opacity.

Example 2 Image of a logo example on a background with red.

  1. The logo must be displayed in its complete design as delivered or downloaded from
  2. The logo must be proportionally circular in shape.
  3. The logo must be displayed in a size that provides a reasonable viewing of its design elements, such that it is recognizable within its purpose.
  4. The logo must be displayed with clear space surrounding it on all sides equal to no less than one­quarter the width of the logo, as sized.
  5. The logo must be displayed in its complete design when used in a fully opaque version.
  6. The logo may be displayed in a transparent version, upon approval, but only as a background element, or watermark. When used in this method the entire logo does not need to be displayed, but the design elements displayed must be complete, and not altered.
    See Example 1.
  7. Either the greyscale Medallion Dome or the Line Art may be used.
  8. If the greyscale Medallion Dome is used, it is preferred to be used as a PNG file or other format that will not display a white, square frame around the dome.
  9. If Line Art is used, white on a dark background or black on a light background are preferred. Using non­white or non­-black colors for the Line Art is discouraged and must be approved before use. If approved, logo must be displayed in a significantly contrasting color than the background.
    See Example 2.
  10. Logos are available with approved formatting of the Mayor's name and title displayed below the logo; this may not be altered. However, use of the Mayor's name and title displayed below the logo is not required.