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One Albuquerque Housing Fund

Information about the One Albuquerque Housing Fund.

Donate Today

  • "The Basics" - Basic move in supplies (i.e. toiletries, towels, set of dishes): $50
  • "A little help goes a long way" - 1 week of rental assistance & case management support: $300
  • "Help getting back on track" - 1 month of rental assistance & case management support: $1,250
  • "Room to breathe" - Security deposit, first & last month’s rent on a new apartment: $3,000
  • "Stable Ground" - 1 year of rental assistance & case management support: $15,000
  • Other: You can donate any amount to the One ABQ Housing Fund.

Donations can also be made in person at any Wells Fargo Bank location.

Total Housing Fund Donations

The number above reflects the total amount donated to the One Albuquerque Housing Fund as of the previous business day.

The primary need of individuals and families experiencing homelessness is a home. A home is the foundation for everything else. Once housed, individuals and families can move forward with their lives.

  • Adults can focus on developing their job skills and obtaining a job.
  • People with chronic illnesses are able to store their medication properly and eat the right food.
  • Those struggling with behavioral health issues can connect to treatment, and have the safety and stability they need to support their recovery.
  • Children can focus on learning, knowing they have a safe place to stay each night.

People experiencing homelessness have different needs. Some are working, and just need help paying the security deposit, first month’s rent and last month’s rent in order to obtain an apartment.

Others need more ongoing help paying the rent in the form of a housing voucher while they get back on their feet.

Some of these households will also need the support of a case manager, to help them connect to community resources, apply for jobs, learn how to be good tenants and develop basic life skills.

Some will only need a housing voucher and case management for a few months, while others who have serious disabilities may need longer term support.

All households will contribute 30 percent of their income towards the rent, which helps develop tenancy skills and allows the One Albuquerque Housing Fund to serve additional people experiencing homelessness.