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00.svg 00.svg

An icon of a grey box with a plus sign in the center and the corners outlined in bold.

02.svg 02.svg

An icon of a bar graph with 4 bars getting higher as they go to the right and an arrow over the top of them pointing upward.

03.svg 03.svg

An icon of 5 people holding hands and jumping.

04.svg 04.svg

A PNG of an icon of a conversation bubble with the word news.

06.svg 06.svg

An icon of the front of a bus.

07.svg 07.svg

An icon of two hands shaking.

08.svg 08.svg

An icon of a calendar that has a circle with a check mark over the bottom right corner.

09.svg 09.svg

An icon of a computer screen and a magnifying glass.

11.svg 11.svg

An icon of a man wearing a tie.

14.svg 14.svg

An icon of an ice cream cone.

16.svg 16.svg

An icon of a paper with a pie chart over 3 lines with a pencil over the bottom right.

17.svg 17.svg

An icon of a hot air balloon.

18.svg 18.svg

An icon of a police badge with a star inside.