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Banner Images

A folder of the various images available for use on website section blocks (1903 x 352 px). Note that, on small browser widths, the left and right sides will be "cropped". Avoid logos, text, and other critical content in these areas as much as possible.
Senior Affairs Banner Senior Affairs Banner

A smiling senior woman wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses out for a hike in the desert of New Mexico.

AWD Banner Image AWD Banner Image

A black and white dog in front of two people with text: Find the right pet for you . . . adopt

ABQ Wildlife Coexistance Banner ABQ Wildlife Coexistance Banner

For images next to each other, the first a human hand next to a paw print in mud larger than the hand, the second a full body profile of a coyote walking, the third three people taking a selfie, the fourth a profile of a still roadrunner in a field.

KiMo Theatre Banner Image KiMo Theatre Banner Image

An exterior view of the KiMo Theatre taken from across the street at night. The KiMo marquee is lit and shines in a bright light yellow.

South Broadway Cultural Center Banner South Broadway Cultural Center Banner

A photo of the painted mural on the South Broadway Cultural Center exterior wall. It features two hands clasped in the center which are flanked by close-ups of cactus flowers. On either left and right extremes are black and white portraits surrounded by a painting of the moon, a rose, sunflowers, hummingbirds, and a depiction of the Virgin Mary. The background is a dramatic sunset with pink, orange, and red tones fading to back with stylized white stars dotting the upper half.

Old Town Main Banner Old Town Main Banner

A group of Mariachi dancers performing in front of the Old Town gazebo during a bright, sunny day.

Downtown City of Albuquerque Skyline Facing West Banner Downtown City of Albuquerque Skyline Facing West Banner

A grand skyline view of Downtown Albuquerque taken from the east facing the west. A line of tall buildings with the green Bosque and expansive mesa appear in the background. It's a bright, sunny day with a few clouds in the far distance.

Downtown Street View Banner Downtown Street View Banner

A street view taken in Downtown Albuquerque featuring a white stone building and a red brick building. The sidewalk is lined with trees and the pavement is wet from a recent rain.

Downtown Street View Upward Banner Downtown Street View Upward Banner

The tops of two tall buildings in Downtown Albuquerque taken from street view and facing almost directly upwards, creating a dramatic perspective effect. The left building is modern with bold red and teal colors. The building on the right is a warm, light brown stucco with metal accents and balconies.

Downtown Albuquerque Facing Southeast Downtown Albuquerque Facing Southeast

Downtown Albuquerque taken from across the river facing southeast. A long line of tall buildings juts out from a foreground of green trees from the Bosque and behind the buildings are mountains and a blue sky.

Sky Bridge Banner Sky Bridge Banner

Two people walk on a metal sky bridge. The sides of the bridge are lined with artistic metal sculptural elements that cover most of the safety railing.