Campaign Finance Reporting

Information about City of Albuquerque campaign finance reporting.

The Election Code and the Public Financing law both set out a detailed process that candidates and Measure Finance Committees must follow to report campaign contributions and expenditures. All candidates and Measure Finance Committees must electronically report their contributions and expenditures.

How to Electronically Report

The Albuquerque City Charter Article XIII Section 4(j) requires the City Clerk establish an electronic reporting data base.The Campaign Reporting Data Base contains information and reports from past elections, the Quarterly Reports required of elected officials under the Code of Ethics (City Charter Article XII) and reports for the upcoming election.

Prior to filing their initial reports, all campaigns and committees must send a representative to the Office of the City Clerk to receive the mandatory training on the reporting system. Ideally, the candidate should attend training, but the campaign treasurer as well as any person entering data into the program needs to attend training. Individuals who have previously been trained for past campaigns are not exempt from training.

Candidates seeking public financing or their representative must receive the training prior to filing their Declaration of Intent to Seek Public Financing. Privately financed candidates or their representative must receivetraining prior to the first campaign finance reporting deadline.

Access to Filed Reports

To access filed campaign financing reports, view the Summary Audit Reports on the data base. Follow the steps as outlined on the web page to find the report(s) you wish to review. Please note that candidates and committees are listed alphabetically. You will find candidates by their first name. Please also note that a pop up box indicating "Your Report is Running" will appear between selections. You you may select an alternate delivery method from the pop up box to run in the background of your computer. The reports do take several seconds to compile, so please be patient while your information is extracted from the data base.

When selecting the reports, it is helpful to know the codes used by the program for the several different types of reports.

  • "S" indicates a summary report required by the Election Code
  • "Q" indicates a quarterly report required by the Code of Ethics for elected officials
  • "M" indicates Seed Money and In-Kind Contributions reported for public financing; and
  • "D" indicates daily reports as required by the Election Code.

Once the report is compiled, you may navigate page by page by using the prompts at the bottom left of the screen.

Reporting Under the Code of Ethics

Pursuant to the Code of Ethics, Section 5, all Elected Officials file quarterly disclosure statements outlining all contributions and expenditures, as defined by the Election Code. If the official did not raise or spend any campaign money during the previous quarter, the statement is not required. These reports are due to the City Clerk on Jan. 15, April 15, July 15 and Oct. 15 of each year. The reports are filed in the City's reporting online reporting database and the Official files an affidavit with the City Clerk.

As a courtesy to officials running for a federal, state, or other local office, the City Clerk permits the submission of the official's filed FEC and Secretary of State reports. Such reports are posted below.

Dan Lewis, Councilor for District 5:

Debbie O'Malley, Councilor 2: