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Life Magazine, August 1945

Life Magazine: August 6, 1945

Life Magazine: August 6, 1945; August 13, 1945; August 20, 1945; and August 27, 1945
rotary letterpress on paper
14 x 10 ½ in. each
lent by private collector
photos by David Nufer

Trinity, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki perhaps represent the most important, world-changing events of the 20th century. Nonetheless, they did not appear on the cover of Life in any of the editions from August, 1945.

Images taken before and after the destruction of Hiroshima are included in the August 20 issue, as are aerial views of the two mushroom clouds. Nonetheless, the coverage was buried to minimize the importance of the events and the images of them.

Life Magazine: August 13, 1945

Life Magazine: August 20, 1945

Life Magazine: August 27, 1945