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Work at Northwest Transit Center July 17 to Close Part of Cibola Loop NW

Partial Closure to Slightly Delay Service on Some ABQ RIDE Routes at Least Until 3 p.m.


Four ABQ RIDE bus routes into the Northwest Transit Center at Ellison and Coors Bypass may experience slight delays July 17 due to work being done on Cibola Loop near the Transit Center entrance.

Buses normally enter the Northwest Transit Center using the eastern side of Cibola Loop NW.  But daylong sidewalk work near the Transit Center will close at least half of the eastern portion of this roadway and force bus traffic to take a different route into the bus bays.

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on July 17, buses entering the Transit Center will do so by entering the western portion of Cibola Loop NW (referred to on maps as West Cibola Loop NW) and then continuing around the loop to the Transit Center entrance.

Four routes are expected to have slight delays for those six hours.    West and northbound Route #157-Louisiana/Montaño/Uptown, travelling east on Ellison, will enter the far side of the loop at West Cibola Loop NW and then continue around into the Northwest Transit Center entrance.

The northbound #790-Rapid Ride/Blue Line, travelling west on Ellison, will bypass the eastern entrance to Cibola Loop and then turn north at the west side of the loop at West Cibola Loop NW.  It will then continue around the loop into the Northwest Transit Center entrance.

Northbound Route #155-Coors and northbound and southbound Route #251 – ABQ/Rio Rancho/Rail Runner Connection will also follow the same route as the #790 into the Northwest Transit Center.

The NWTC will undergo two and a half weeks of repairs and construction beginning Saturday, July 20; transit service will be provided using Cibola Loop NW (for more details, click here.).  Portions of the driveway at the Transit Center need repairs, which will prevent passengers from using the bus boarding platform and the lower parking lot.  On weekdays, only the upper parking lot will be open.   On Saturdays and Sundays, the entire Transit Center will be closed for parking. However, transit service will continue to be provided.