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Employees of the Week: Transit Security Officers Shannon Beltz, Ronald Brown and Alonso Cano

Transit Security Officers Care for Unresponsive Patrons

On Friday, July 7, 2017, Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized Transit Security Officers Alonso Cano, Shannon Beltz and Ronald Brown for collectively responding to an unconscious patron who was riding on the bus.

On Saturday, March 23, 2017, Security Officers Beltz, Brown and Cano were on duty at the Alvarado Transportation Center on First Street and Central Avenue. The employees work as Transit Security Officers with ABQ RIDE, a division in the City of Albuquerque’s Transit Department. Around 3:00 p.m., the passengers on a bus notified the driver of a fellow passenger who was experiencing a seizure and who had become unconscious. The bus driver quickly parked the bus across from the Alvarado Transportation Center. Once stopped, a concerned passenger exited the bus, hurriedly entered the center looking for help and noticed Transit Security Officer Cano in the north lobby. He quickly approached Officer Cano and notified him about the unconscious passenger in the bus across the street. Officer Cano then radioed Officers Beltz and Brown, who were on-duty nearby, for help.

Without hesitation, Officer Beltz, Officer Brown and Officer Cano ran out of the center to the bus. Once on board, Officer Cano assessed the man and determined that the patron was not breathing and did not have a pulse. He immediately began administering CPR, while Officers Beltz and Brown safely cleared the other passengers from the bus. Officer Cano continued to perform CPR until paramedics arrived and transported the man to the hospital. Unfortunately, despite the officers’ heroic actions, the patient eventually passed away from a heart attack. Paramedics later told the security officers that if Officer Cano had not performed CPR, the passenger would have died on the bus.

This is not the first time Officer Cano has intervened to help a patron in need. This past January, a customer became unconscious and fell inside the lobby bathroom at the Alvarado Transit Center. Once Officer Cano was notified, he performed CPR at once, reviving the man until he became conscious.

Officers Cano and Brown have been with ABQ Ride since November 2014, while Officer Beltz joined the division in August 2011. As Albuquerque’s principal form of public transportation, ABQ RIDE logs an average of 160,000 passenger miles on its buses on a daily basis.

Each security officer took swift action to help patrons who were under their care. It is for these reasons that Transit Security Officers Shannon Beltz, Ronald Brown and Alonso Cano were recognized as  City of Albuquerque’s Employees of the Week on July 7.

From left: Security Officers Alonso Cano, Ronald Brown and Shannon Beltz