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Employee Ensures Payroll Gets Processed, Despite Numerous Challenges

An ITSD employee is recognized for working nights and weekends to ensure city employees get their checks

February 1, 2013

Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry recognized an employee from the Information Technology Systems Division. As the Central Payroll Manager Sarah Williamson has created the ideal working environment for her employees- one that builds on each members individual strengths and fosters a friendly working environment. This past fall, a colleague who had only been in the department for a couple months quickly picked up on Williamson’s ability to naturally lead with professionalism.

Williamson plays a critical role in the day to day functions of city hall, ensuring that payroll for the City, AMAFCA, and MRCOG is all completed with accuracy and on time, even if that means she works late into the night, or even on the weekends.

During the shortened, holiday week of Thanksgiving Williamson and her team inherited a very complicated issue: the city server had failed forcing her and her team to work off the back-up server which was much slower, they were testing a new version of software, and several layers of difficulty had been added to their usual duties. Despite all these challenges Sarah and her team completed payroll on time.

This is a situation where plenty of things could have gone wrong, despite the chaos and obstacles Sarah maintained strong leadership skills, calmness, and dedication to the city and getting her job done. Her and her team performed seamlessly even the midst of unforeseen challenges.


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