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City Employee Saves Woman Suffering from Diabetic Episode

Employee of the Week: DMD Security Division Sergeant Anthony Gonzales

June 28, 2013

Albuquerque- Today Mayor Richard J. Berry honored an employee who went above and beyond his post to save a woman who showed symptoms of a diabetic episode.  During the annual Mother’s day concert at the Bio Park, Sergeant Anthony Gonzales leapt into action when a woman became pale, and looked like she was going to faint. Sergeant Gonzales is responsible for saving this woman’s life as they waited the ambulance.

Sergeant Gonzales showed initiative immediately after being hired by the Security Division at DMD 8 years ago. He quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant where he supervises 8 to 15 uniformed field officers in the Security Division.

During the May 12th Mother’s Day concert at the Bio Park, Sergeant Gonzales was simply scanning the crowd when he noticed a woman who was quickly losing her color and appeared to be trembling. After assessing the situation and conferring with the family Sergeant Gonzales deduced that the woman was suffering from a diabetic emergency. He immediately called 911 and requested paramedics on the scene. Shorty after he made the phone call the woman lost consciousness.

Sergeant Gonzales went into action, diligently following the emergency response instructions he received from AFD dispatcher. He placed the woman on her side, checked her pulse, and opened her airway. He then poured a few drops of orange juice on the woman’s mouth, to help resuscitate her sugar levels, bringing her back to consciousness. The medical personal then arrived and transported the woman to the emergency room.

Sergeant Gonzales demonstrated what it means to go above and beyond the call of duty. He truly is an asset to the Security Division with his exemplary actions and appropriate medical aid to this woman.

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