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Transportation IconTransportation is the fastest-growing source of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 47% of the net increase in total U.S. emissions since 1990. It has been estimated that transportation sources account for 29% to 59% of total U.S. greenhouse emissions in 2006.

In the U.S. economy, transportation is second only to electricity generation in terms of the volume and rate of growth of greenhouse gas emissions.

A primary source of emissions are personal automobiles.ABQRide2 Automobile use is a complex challenge with deep roots in socioeconomics, personal mobility, culture, status and values, safety, lifestyle patterns and expectations. An evolution toward a more sustainable and low-emission transportation will take time, but with steady work it can be achieved.  A strategic shift of transportation priorities to alternate modes of transportation will assist the City of Albuquerque in achieving its sustainability and climate change goals.


During the Document Review Phase, team leaders developed broad evaluative criteria to rank strategies by estimated implementation costs, greenhouse gas reductions, timing and feasibility.

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