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Fugitive Dust Control

Information about fugitive dust control.

Dirt tracked onto paved surfaces contributes significantly to Bernalillo County's particulate matter (PM10) air pollution.

2016 Fugitive Dust Control Workshop

Free Fugitive Dust Workshop on March 9, 2016

The Albuquerque Environmental Health Department will be providing another Fugitive Dust Control Workshop at no cost for those who need recertification or who were unable to attend and receive certification in April 2015. Presentations will cover preparation of a fugitive dust control permit application, permit fees, enforcement/compliance issues, and fugitive dust control strategies. The workshop will also include opportunities for department staff to answer questions and receive input from attendees concerning the fugitive dust program. All Participants at the workshops will be given a brief test on Fugitive Dust Control. Those passing the test will receive a certification valid for two years.

If you are unable to register on-line, you can call me to make other arrangements for registering.

Tony Romero
Air Quality Program
Environmental Health Department
Phone:  (505) 768-1971 office, or (505) 228-6989 cell

Fugitive Dust Control Requirements

To reduce these types of emissions, Bernalillo County requires that dirt tracked onto paved surfaces be promptly removed and that measures be taken to control dust from operations, such as construction, landscaping, and road work at all times.

Photo of a construction vehicle near a city street covered in dirt.

A Surface Disturbance permit is required for all jobs that will disturb three quarters (¾) of an acre or more of soil. Permit applications for surface disturbance are available at either the downtown Environmental Health Department Office (3rd floor), the West Side Office or can be downloaded.

    Download Fugitive Dust Application

      If you are not sure whether or not your property or job site will require a surface disturbance permit, please call the Air Quality Program at (505) 768-1972.

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