This document describes the process your document goes through before it reaches the live server.

For Contributors

  • You create a page
  • You save the page
  • You click "Submit"
  • The page is sent to your supervisor or approver for review and approval
  • When your supervisor approves the page, it "Goes Live" to the public site. Until your approver selects "Go Live," the page remains on the development server, unavailable to the public.

For Approvers

  • You can do all the things a contributor can do in creating and editing content.
  • You can also publish content so that it is "live" on the website, or accessible to the public.
  • Contributors who do not have publishing permissions will submit work to you for publication. You will receive an email indicating material has been submitted.
  • You will need to review the information submitted to you for content and appearance.
  • If there are changes to be made, you have two options.
    • You can Retract the page and then Edit the material yourself.
    • You can Send Back the page to the original author and request certain changes be made.
  • If the page is correct, you can Publish it.

Plone vs Contribute

How is this different from the process you're used to in Contribute?

  • When your approver logs in to Plone, he or she is notified (via the Review module) that content is awaiting review and approval
  • Your approver is responsible for making content public - you will no longer use PEST
  • PDFs and images are automatically published to the live site - they do not go through the approval process.