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Posting an Event

Adding an Event

To add an event, navigate to your department’s events folder by adding “/events” to the end of your department’s home folder URL. Select “Add new…” from the green editing toolbar and select “Event” from the list.

Events that you add to this folder will be collected by whatever collections that the web team has set up for you. They will not appear to the public if they have passed.



Posting an event in Plone is similar to posting an event in Noticias. However, in Plone, you have much more control over the appearance of your event! Here's how to advertise your event on the City website using Plone:

1. Log in to your section of the City site.

2. From the Add to Folder menu, choose Event.

Add to Folder - Event


3. You are taken to the Edit Event screen, where you will enter all of the details about your event.

Blank Event Entry Form


The event information fields:

4. Skip the Short Name field. Plone will automatically create this name for you based on the Event Name you create in Step #5.



5. In the Event Name field, type the name of your event. In this example, we typed "Night Walk at the Garden."
Note: The small red box indicates a required field - you must enter information here in order to save this event.

Event Name




6. In the Summary field, type a one-sentence summary of the event.

Event Summary





7. The When? fields describe the date and time your event takes place.
Note: The small red box indicates a required field - you must enter information here in order to save this event.


For events that run across multiple days, use the Starts fields to describe the day and time the event starts, and the Ends fields to describe the day and time the event ends. If you need to provide more detail about start and end times, use the Description field.

In this example, the event runs from 8:00 to 9:30 PM on July 24.




8. The Where? fields describe the venue for this event. Type the name of the location's Name, Phone number, Address, City, State, and ZIP Code.




9. The Description field describe the venue for this event. Use this field to create a detailed description of your event.

In our description of the Night Walk at the Garden, we included:

    • Information about the purpose of the event.
    • A warning that space is limited.
    • An encouragement to pre-register, along with a phone number.
    • A warning that the event starts promptly, to encourage people to arrive on time.

Event Description

To learn more about the content editor in Plone, refer to the Editing a Page documentation.





10. Use the Event URL field to direct visitors to the event's web page, if appropriate.

In our example, we direct visitors to the BioPark's July Events calendar at

Event URL



11. In the Event Contact fields, type all of the relevant contact information.

Event Contact




12. In the Cost fields, enter information about the price of admission for this event. If the information is complicated, use the text box to describe the cost.

In our example, there are two different price levels: one for adults and one for children. We select the Payment is required option, and describe the price levels in the text box. 


Event Cost



13. Click the Save button to save your event details.

Note: You can click the Save button at any time to save a draft of your event.





14. You are taken to your finished event, where you can review the layout, wording, and information. If you notice any problems, click the Edit button to return to the editing screen.

Finished Event


Event Info BoxWhat are those icons?

The icons you see in the Add to Calendar section of the Event Information Box allow users to easily add your event to their electronic calendars. The calendars include Outlook, Apple iCal, iCalendar, and vCalendar.

The icon you see in the Share This Event section allows users to email information about this event to any email address. This features makes it easy for users to tell their family and friends about events!

These interactive features are automatically added to each event without any work on your part.




15. When you are happy with your event, select Submit from the Status menu.  

Submit Event for Review


When you click Submit, your event is forwarded to your supervisor for review and approval. It is this individual's responsibility to Go Live with your new event. To learn more about the review and approval process, read the Workflow documentation.


Congratulations! You've posted an event!