Here's how to create links from your site to other websites.

Linking to a Web Site

A hyperlink, also called a "link," is a connection of one webpage or website to another. You can use links to guide visitors through your website or to connect to another site outside the City of Albuquerque.

Generally, hyperlinks that connect from one page to another within the City's website are called Internal. Links that connect to sites outside the City's website are known as External. You add them in a similar way, but external links will be identified by a globe when you save your work. An image of the Globe icon which appears next to CABQ external links.

  1. Highlight the words where you want the link live on your page.
  2. Next, click the Link icon in your tool bar: The Link icon in Plone
  3. A screenshot of the link dialog box.A directory of internal pages appears.
  4. You can choose one of the pages within your own folder, navigate to another page within the City of Albuquerque's website, or link to a an external URL.
  5. To link externally, choose External from the left-hand navigation and type in the URL that will appear. You can preview this page if you choose.
  6. Finally, choose Insert at the bottom of the dialog box.

Note: Clicking the Cancel button will, of course, cancel the operation.

You should test you link and ensure it takes you to the link you specified. To test, save your page and then click on the blue link.

A Note About External Links

External links of the City of Albuquerque webpage include a globe next to the link that indicates the City doesn't maintain outside content. Plone automatically places that globe icon into your text.

Linking to Email Addresses

If include an email address for contact information, you should link to the text to the email address.

  1. Highlight the email address text. ex: [email protected]
  2. With the text highlighted, click on the Link icon in the toolbar: The Link icon in Plone
  3. Choose "Mail" from the left-hand navigation in the dialog box that pops up.
  4. Enter the email address. You can also add a default subject line if you wish.
  5. Choose Insert at the bottom of the dialog box.