Charles Ross, Cosmic Rain

Charles Ross, Cosmic Rain, 1993

Charles Ross
born 1937 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; lives New York, New York
Cosmic Rain
pigment on paper
60 1/2 x 71 3/4 in.
New Mexico Museum of Art, Gift of Sally and Wynn Kramarsky, New York, 2009, 2009.13.20,
© 2020 Charles Ross
photo by Blair Clark

Charles Ross created series of colorful explosion drawings and paintings in the 80s and 90s. He "drew" linear patterns by detonating cords of dynamite which drove the pigment into the paper. Cosmic Rain references the behavior of light at both quantum and cosmological levels. Ross was inspired to create his explosion drawings and paintings during the early stages of his Star Axis sculpture situated in the New Mexico desert, a monumental work that aligns architectural elements with the North Star and other cosmological phenomena. The North Star does not always align with the earth's axis, but moves in a 10,000 yearlong cyclical path. Ross’s work centers on this cycle using light, time and planetary motion to highlight the micro and macro relationships inherent in atomic research.