Karsten Creightney, The Beginning

Karsten Creightney, The Beginning, 2011

Karsten Creightney
born 1976 Albuquerque, New Mexico; lives Albuquerque
The Beginning
collage, watercolor, acrylic, oil, and wax on wood
72 x 96 in. (6 panels: 2 panels 48 x 48 in., 4 panels 24 x 24 in.)
lent by Ken Sandoval, © 2020 Karsten Creightney
photo courtesy of the artist

Painter and printmaker Karsten Creightney portrays a view of the Trinity explosion as seen from the perspective of native New Mexican plant life that would have borne witness to the event. Colorful rays emanating from the explosion extend in every direction into the landscape passing through and under the flora. The area is illuminated by the blast, which makes the sun in the sky in the far horizon appear ghostly red in comparison to the center of the explosion. His view captures the ironic relationship between the beginning of the Atomic Age and the natural world in an isolated corner of New Mexico ─ a locality no longer unknown.

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