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ART Supports Local Artists


The Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) project is hosting weekly “Pop Up” events every Thursday at various businesses and neighborhoods throughout the construction area. The events feature local musicians and artisans, and they are a way to show off the diverse and expansive cultural scene we have in Albuquerque. The local musicians are being paid by the City of Albuquerque as part of the overall ART budget. The goal of the events is to bring business to the areas impacted by construction and to celebrate the great areas and neighborhoods along Central Avenue/Historic Route 66.

“In addition to working with all local contractors and sub-contractors to build this project, we are also hiring local musicians and artists,” said Mayor Richard J. Berry. “ART is a project that will dramatically improve our city, and while it’s being built, we are doing everything possible to showcase and highlight all that is authentically and uniquely Albuquerque.”

The events – called ARTBeat – are promoted via digital billboards, press releases, through e-blasts and text messaging and on the ART app. Anyone interested in either hosting an ARTBeat or performing at one can find out more information at, or calling the ART hotline at 505-398-4ART (4278).