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ART Contractor Bradbury Stamm Reminds Drivers to Heed Parking Signs on Central

As milling and paving operations continue throughout the Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) construction corridor, Bradbury Stamm Construction and the ART Project team remind drivers to watch for “no parking” and “tow away zone” signs that are posted for the safety of drivers, their vehicles, and construction crews.

Parking is not permitted in areas where milling and paving operations are taking place. These areas are marked with “no parking” and “tow away zone” signs. Parking in these zones during this type of construction is strictly prohibited for safety of drivers, their vehicles, and construction crews. During milling and paving, damage can occur to vehicles if parked or driving in the work zone, and drivers exiting and entering their vehicles can come dangerously close to active construction areas.

If any vehicles are parked in the areas that are marked with “no parking” or “tow away zone” signs, vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense. Drivers are encouraged to park in the free parking spots provided by the City, located on side streets one block north and south of Central Avenue in the ART corridor.

Additional information on ART can be found on or by calling 505-398-4ART.