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Albuquerque Rapid Transit Releases "Mythbusters"

Get information about Albuquerque Rapid Transit.

The Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) team has released a new page on its website -called "Mythbusters" – to dispel the inaccurate information that keeps circulating about the proposed Transit project. The page addresses everything from parking to trees to pedestrian safety.

"There is a lot of misinformation that we keep hearing and being passed on inaccurately," explained Mayor Richard J. Berry. "Both the people answering the ART hotline, and what we are hearing from the public is the same inaccurate information over and over. We produced this simple document to answer some of the most frequent questions that keep being posed about the project."

Access the ART "Mythbusters" page.

The ART website has additional information as well including links to all the engineering studies that have been done over the last few years. If people still have additional questions or need more information, they are welcome to call the ART hotline any time at (505) 398-4ART.