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ABQ RIDE to Unveil Art in Transit Project in International District

Partnership to Revitalize Area through Art with N.M. Non-Profit Littleglobe


Go to most any ABQ RIDE bus shelter in town and chances are you’ll see some sort of advertising display. But by next week, 15 bus shelters in the International District will instead feature striking portraits of International District residents; people for the most part wrapped in gauzy tulle fabric, smiling and posing.

A sampling of those portraits will be unveiled in a special ceremony at 5:30 p.m. on July 25, 2014 at the ABQ RIDE bus shelter on the north side of Central, just west of San Pedro (in front of the Indoor Flea Market). The project is called Art in Transit.

“Our Department is piloting a program in which bus shelter display space is filled with artwork that reflects Albuquerque’s diverse neighborhoods,” said Bruce Rizzieri, Director of ABQ RIDE.

Art in Transit’s first bus shelter exhibit is in partnership with Littleglobe, an organization dedicated to re-energizing the International District through art and community engagement. Different photographers took the portraits. They will all be displayed starting next week primarily in bus shelters along Central between Wyoming and Louisiana. Other shelters along Lomas, Gibson and San Mateo in the International District will also showcase the photos.

After the unveiling at the bus shelter, other portraits will be available for viewing at the nearby Sundowner Community Room at 6101 Central NE. These photographs will be on display at the Sundowner through 6 p.m., Sunday, July 27. They will also remain in the bus shelters through fall, 2014.

The display is part of ID Live!, a free weekend event by Littleglobe to showcase the various art projects produced by the organization. The event will also feature two art installations, short films, block parties and street art. All have been co-created with over 100 community members in the International District as a celebration of the area; one of the most diverse in New Mexico with over 47 languages spoken. Littleglobe is a New Mexico based 501(c)(3) organization staffed by creative professionals dedicated to artistic innovation in the service of social change.

A map featuring the locations of the bus shelters with portraits will be available for download on the ABQ RIDE website next week. In addition, singular portraits of different subjects will be placed on interior panels in all ABQ RIDE buses. Exterior displays showcasing the photos will also be placed on one regular bus and two, Rapid Ride buses.

The Art in Transit project plans to feature unique artwork throughout the year in bus shelters in various neighborhoods. This includes posters to be created by artists specifically for Nob Hill and Downtown bus shelters.