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ABQ RIDE Director Test Drives Electric Vehicle for National Plug-In Day

Part of 60 City Event Celebrating Electric Vehicles


Are electric vehicles quiet?  Do they accelerate like gasoline-driven cars?  These were just some of the questions ABQ RIDE Director Bruce Rizzieri answered after he test-drove a Chevy Volt on Monday, September 24, 2012; part of a 60 city event called National Plug-In Day to bring attention to the energy efficiency of electric vehicles.

Director Rizzieri test-drove a plug-in electric vehicle for a few hours, as did City Councilors Ray Garduno and Ken Sanchez and Albuquerque City Fleet Manager Tony Baldonado.  Later, they gathered for an afternoon news conference to talk about their experiences.

“The Chevy Volt is a very quiet, comfortable car,” said Rizzieri.  “I took it up to 9 Mile Hill outside Albuquerque and it accelerated with plenty of power, just like a gasoline car would.”

The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club organized the event, along with such groups as Plug-In America, the N.M. Solar Energy Association, Sacred Power and the Southwest Green Building Center.

Bruce & Chevy Volt ABQ RIDE Director Bruce Rizzieri and Chevy Volt