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ABQ RIDE Detouring All Day July 19 for Route 66 Summerfest in Nob Hill

Four Bus Routes, including Two Rapid Ride Routes to Detour


ABQ RIDE’s routes on Central Avenue between Girard and Washington will be detouring all day Saturday, July 19.  That’s because traffic in the area will be shutdown to accommodate the Route 66 Summerfest.

Starting at 3 a.m. Saturday, July 19, Central Ave will be shutdown to all car and bus traffic between Girard and Washington. This is to support pedestrian traffic around Summerfest’s three, separate stages.  The area will stay closed to traffic until midnight Sunday, July 20.

That means three ABQ RIDE bus routes that utilize Central , the #766-Rapid Ride/Red Line, the #777-Rapid Ride/Green Line and the #66-Central will be on detour throughout the day.  Eastbound buses along Central will go North and East along Monte Vista, then East on Lomas, South on Washington, then back to Central for the remainder of their eastbound routes.  Westbound buses will turn North on Adams then west on Copper before making their way North on Washington.  At Lomas, these buses will turn west, before heading South and West along Monte Vista back to their regular westbound Central routes.

Another route that utilizes Central, #16/18 (The Bug), will also be detouring July 19.  The eastbound 16/18, as it moves north along Girard, will avoid Central by turning East on Coal before resuming its regular southerly route on Carlisle.  Conversely, the westbound 16/18 moving along Gibson will turn north on Carlisle, then west on Lead before resuming its regular southerly route on Girard.

To accommodate riders on the affected Rapid Ride buses, temporary Rapid Ride stops will also be going in from early morning, July 19 through midnight Sunday, July 20.  For Eastbound riders, Rapid Ride stops will be placed at Monte Vista and Dartmouth and Central and Adams.  For Westbound riders, Rapid Ride stops will be placed at Jefferson and Central and Girard and Central.

All ABQ RIDE bus stops being shut down along Central between Girard and Washington will have notices of all the changes.

For a complete list of the affected bus routes, plus maps detailing the weekend’s temporary routes, click HERE.  For more information on the Route 66 Summerfest, click HERE.