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ABQ RIDE Bus to Be Wrapped in Designs by APS Students

Middle and High School Art Students Create Ads That Promote Public Transportation.


(from APS Communications)

Albuquerque Public Schools students are helping ABQ RIDE “Clear the Air” by designing bus ads that will wrap a city bus for a year promoting public transportation. .

The wrap featuring the four winning design will go into production at the beginning of the year; the bus will be revealed by ABQ RIDE at a press conference in March.

The winners of the city’s design-a-bus-ad contest are:

  • Edgar Acosta, a seventh grader at Van Buren MS (teacher Larry Anzures)
  • Darlene Sattanak, a junior at Sandia High (teacher Gail Ranshaw)
  • Maria Payne and Kelsie Giras, sophomores at nex+Gen Academy (teacher Camilla Haneberg).

Six more student-designed ads will be displayed inside the bus. Those student artists are:

  • Bailey Latimore, and Amber Aragon, juniors at nex+Gen (teacher Camilla Haneberg)
  • Destiny Ramirez, a sophomore, and Jordan Caldwell and Santiago Davila, seniors at West Mesa High (teacher Ann Blankenship)
  • Marc Blowers, a sophomore at Sandia (teacher Gail Ranshaw).

ABQ RIDE turned to APS art students earlier this school year in search of creative, eye-catching designs that promote public transportation with the theme “Let’s Clear the Air.” Students received an ABQ RIDE fact sheet that helped them better understand the how public transportation helps the community. They learned that public transportation:

  • Helps people save money
  • Reduces gasoline consumption
  • Reduces the carbon footprint.

Middle and high school students were asked to paint, draw or computer-generate a bright, bold design that had to include the phrase “Let’s Clear the Air.” They also were required to submit a one-paragraph statement explaining the design.

The Art in Transit project plans to feature unique artwork throughout the year in bus shelters in various neighborhoods. This includes posters to be created by artists specifically for Nob Hill and Downtown bus shelters.