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Vision, Goals and Desired Conditions

NOTE: All Goals and Desired Community or Customer Conditions are interdependent and support the Community Vision. Italicized Desired Community Conditions are not included in the Albuquerque Progress Report 2012.

VISION: Albuquerque is an active, thriving, culturally rich, sustainable, high desert community.

Goal Area Goal Statement Desired Community or Customer Conditions
GOAL 1 | HUMAN AND FAMILY DEVELOPMENT All residents have the opportunity to participate in the community and economy and are well sheltered, safe, healthy, and educated.

1. Residents are literate and educated.

2. Youth achieve desired educational outcomes.

3. Youth achieve responsible social development.

4. Residents are active and healthy.

5. Residents have access to physical and mental health care.

6. Families are secure and stable.

7. Safe, decent and affordable housing is available.

8. Senior citizens live and function in optimal environments.

9. Residents are safe from public health risks.

10. Residents have a balance of means, opportunity, and avenues of support needed to provide for their basic needs.

GOAL 2 | PUBLIC SAFETY The public is safe and secure, and shares responsibility for maintaining a safe environment.

11. The public is safe.

12. The public feels safe.

13. Travel on city streets is safe.

14. The public trusts its public safety agencies.

15. Residents, businesses and public safety agencies work together for a safe community.

16. Domestic animals are responsibly cared for and provided safe and healthy home environments.

17. The community is prepared to respond to emergencies, natural disasters, catastrophic acts and other events that threaten the health and safety of the public.

GOAL 3 | PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE Existing communities are adequately and efficiently served with well planned, coordinated, and maintained infrastructure. New development is efficiently integrated into existing infrastructures and the costs are balanced with the revenues generated.

18. A reliable water system meets health and safety standards.

19. Wastewater systems meet quality standards.

20. A storm water system protects the lives and property of residents.

21. Effective information technology infrastructure is accessible throughout the community.

22. Safe and affordable integrated transportation options that meet the public's needs.

23. The street system is well designed and maintained.

24. Existing communities are adequately and efficiently served with well planned, coordinated, and maintained infrastructure.

25. New development is efficiently integrated into existing or approved infrastructure and its costs are balanced with the revenues generated and adopted City development policies.

26. Sustainable, environmentally sensitive supplies of energy are available and are efficiently consumed.

27. The infrastructure is efficient and environmentally sensitive.

GOAL 4 | SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Guide growth to protect the environment and the community economic vitality and create a variety of livable, sustainable communities throughout Albuquerque.

28. Parks, open space, recreation facilities and public trails are available, accessible and strategically located, designed and maintained.

29. Albuquerque's built environments are safe, habitable, well maintained, and sustainable.

30. A balance of densities, land uses, and pedestrian friendly environments is available throughout Albuquerque.

31. The downtown area is vital, active, safe and accessible.

32. Safe and accessible mixed-use areas with housing, employment, civic functions, recreation and entertainment exist throughout Albuquerque.

GOAL 5 | ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND ENHANCEMENT Protect and enhance Albuquerque's natural environments - its mountains, river, bosque, volcanoes, arroyos, air, and water.

33. Air, water, and land are protected from conditions that are harmful to people and the environment.

34. Water resources are sustainably managed, conserved and protected to provide a long-term supply and drought reserve.

35. Solid wastes are produced no faster than natural systems and technology can process them.

36. Open Space, Bosque, the River and Mountains are preserved and protected.

37. Residents participate in caring for the environment and conserving natural resources.

38. Residents are well informed about and appreciate ecological diversity.

GOAL 6 | ECONOMIC VITALITY Achieve a vital, diverse, and sustainable economy in which businesses and residents have opportunities for success.

39. The economy is diverse and broad-based.

40. The economy is vital, prosperous and consistent with local and regional resources.

41. There are abundant, competitive, career oriented employment opportunities.

42. Businesses develop and prosper.

GOAL 7 | COMMUNITY AND CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT Residents participate in the life and decisions of the community to promote and enhance our pride, cultural values, and resources and ensure that Albuquerque's community institutions are effective, accountable, and responsive.

43. Residents actively participate in civic and public affairs.

44. Residents participate in community organizations, activities, and events.

45. Residents have an accurate understanding of community conditions.

46. Residents appreciate, foster and respect Albuquerque's arts and cultures.

47. Relations among Albuquerque's cultures and races are positive and respectful.

GOAL 8 | GOVERNMENTAL EXCELLENCE AND EFFECTIVENESS Government is ethical, transparent, and responsive to its citizens. Every element of government contributes effectively to meeting public needs.

48. Leaders work together for the good of the community.

49. All city employees and officials behave ethically.

50. Leaders cooperate and coordinate with the other governments in the MRCOG region.

51. Albuquerque participates in mutually beneficial cooperative relationships with other governments.

52. Government and its leaders are responsive to changing community and customer conditions.

53. City government and its leaders serve, and are responsive to Albuquerque's citizens.

44. Government protects the civil and constitutional rights of citizens.

55. Customers conveniently access City services, officials, public records and information.

56. Customers participate in their governance.

57. Financial assets are maximized and protected, and analyzed and reported accurately, understandably, and usefully.

58. City assets are protected while responding fairly to inappropriate City actions.

59. Products, services, and materials are obtained efficiently, fairly, and in a timely manner.

60. City services, operations, and finances are measured and audited as needed and meet customer needs.

61. Competent, well-trained motivated employees contribute to the achievement of City goals and objectives.

62. The work environment for employees is healthy, safe and productive.

63. City staff is empowered with information and have information processing capacity.

64. Rights of way are obtained and managed and their use optimized for the public's benefit with fair compensation for use.

65. City real property is effectively obtained and managed in the public's interest, and disposed of when public purpose has changed.

66. City fixed assets, property, and infrastructure meet City goals and objectives.

67. Departmental human and financial resources and fixed assets are managed efficiently and effectively.

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