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Safety Tips: Parking Lot Robberies

Despite recent media reports, purse snatchings/parking lot robberies are have not spiked. In fact, for the month of September, they're actually down.

Don't get us wrong, 1 is 1 too many, but don't let the media misinform our community either.

Here are some safety tips:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
    • Before getting out of your car, take a second, look around
    • Is there someone wandering aimlessly through the parking lot? (and we're not talking lost)
    • Listen to your instincts and follow through with what that little voice is telling you
  • Don't talk or text as you're walking to the store
    • This can make you an easy target - you're distracted
  • Try not to carry a purse
    • Put your debit card/cash in your pocket
    • The goal is to avoid having a visible 'target'
  • Carry personal belongings (purses/wallets) in front of you
    • This way you can watch for someone approaching
  • Walk with purpose, have your keys out & be determined to get where you're going!
    • Exuding confidence makes you less of a target, crooks look for the easiest target possible
  • Park in a well-lit, busy area if possible
    • Crooks are like cockroaches - They don't like light or people

On average we see about 9 robberies to people (situations like the parking lot cases) each month, and about 30 each month.

In August we saw 35, and so far in September we've seen 20.

The fact we had three in one day (last Wednesday) is not something we like to see, but isn't that rare either. The culprit is usually the same suspect and out to make a quick buck, usually to feed a habit.

If you do notice something suspicious, don't be afraid to call! (505) 242-COPS! We would love to prevent a crime and you might help us solve others in the process.

We are working on some proactive patrols and victims are helping us nail down some good information, so we can try and catch these suspects as soon as possible!