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Caught On Camera: Officers Implement Community Policing

Albuquerque Police Department's initiative new to highlight positive news 'Caught on Camera' - Using on body cameras to highlight the good Officers do every day.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Officer Playing Around on Duty

May 1, 2015 Officer Timothy Wolffbrant and a fellow Officer responded to a call of possible Domestic Violence in the Northeast Area Command.

On the scene, they spoke to a neighbor, surveyed the area and found no evidence of any crimes being committed. What they did find was a rather noisy group of kiddos playing outside and an opportunity to make lasting connections and some new friends! The neighborhood children were playing soccer in a court yard, and the Officer respectfully asks to join. They start playing and give him a run for his money. While they’re playing the children introduce themselves and get to know Officer Wolffbrant. At one point in the video, the Officers check to see if there are any calls holding, and because there are not, they attempt to tie up the score and get a few more goals in.

This is perspective of an officer, a look at the world through their lens and the type of community policing APD strives toward.