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Valley Area Commander

Meet the leadership at the Valley Area Command.

Cmdr. Josh McDonald

Cmdr. Joshua McDonald

Joshua McDonald is the Commander of Albuquerque Police Department's Valley Area Command. After receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, he was hired as a police officer by the City of Albuquerque in 1999. During his time as an officer he worked the Southeast and Northeast Area Commands. He was a Field Training Officer as well as a member of the Department's Emergency Response Team.

In 2007 he was promoted to the rank of sergeant. As an Albuquerque Police Department sergeant he worked in Field Services Bureau as well as in the Traffic Division DWI unit. He worked several assignments throughout the City until he was promoted to lieutenant in 2013.

As a lieutenant, he served in the Valley Area Command, Traffic Division DWI/Seizures, Air Support, Open Space, and Tactical until he was promoted to Commander in November of 2016.

Cmdr. McDonald is married with a two children.