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Comprehensive City Zoning Code Amendments

Learn more about proposed amendments to the Comprehensive City Zoning Code.

Proposed Amendments to the Zoning Code

  • None at this time

Recent Amendments to the Zoning Code

Amendments Acted on or Approved in 2017

The City Council acted on or approved the following Zoning Code Text Amendments in 2017:

  • 16EPC-40025, Project 1001620 – Proposed amendments to amend the zoning code to clarify the minimum acreage required for a Private Commons Development (PCD) and to correct the inconsistency within the PDC regulations, City-wide. The EPC recommended approval of this amendment on June 9, 2016, Notice of Decision.
  • Council Bill O-39 Amending the Albuquerque Zoning Code 14-16-2-6(A)(2)(C) to increase the allowed number of garage or yard sales in an R-1 Zone from one sale a year to two sales a year and to clarify the time period in which garage sales are allowed.

Amendments Acted on or Approved in 2016

The City Council acted on or approved the following Zoning Code Text Amendments in 2016:

  • Council Bills O-16-5 and O-16-6Project 1001620, 15EPC-40022 – These amendments to the Zoning Code revise the landscaping standards to enhance, improve, and maintain the quality of the public environment. They amend the Zoning Code Sections 14-16-3-10 (Landscape Regulations), 14-16-3-1 (Off-Street Parking Regulations), 6-6-2-4 (Required Street Trees), 6-6-2-5 (Street Tree Policies), 6-6-2-6 (Street Tree Programs), 6-6-2-7 (More Detailed Regulations) and 6-6-2-8 (Waivers and Variances). Adopted April 4, 2016.
  • Council Bill O-14-20, 14EPC-40064 – Proposed amendments to amend the zoning code to make secondary dwelling units a conditional use in the R-1 and R-2 zones, and to establish design, size, parking, and occupancy regulations, City-wide. On February 1, 2016, the proposed amendment failed at City Council.

Amendments Approved in 2015

The City Council approved the following Zoning Code Text Amendments in 2015:

  • Council Bill O-15-36, 15EPC-40007 – This amendment to the Zoning Code and the Traffic Code adds a new General Regulation, 14-16-3-25, permitting and regulating mobile food units on private property and within the public right-of-way. The text amendment adds a new Section 14-16-3-25 to the Zoning Code, amends Sections 14-16-1-5(B), Definitions; and amends the Traffic Code, Section 8-5-1-42.  Adopted September 9, 2015.
  • Council Bill O-14-25, 14EPC-40081 – This amendment to the Signage Regulations allows modification of existing off-premise signs within 660’ of the nearest right-of-way of an interstate highway to be converted to electronic signs. Adopted April 20, 2015.
  • Council Bill O-14-22, 14EPC-40070 – This amendment to amend the General Zoning Regulations adds a new section, 14-16-3-24, to impose distance separation requirements upon small loan businesses such as: Pay Day Lenders, Title Loans, and the like. Adopted January 21, 2015. 

Amendments Approved in 2014

The City Council approved the following Zoning Code Text Amendments in 2014:

  • Council Bill O-14-7, 14EPC-40019 – These amendments address collocations of wireless telecommunication facilities on public utility structures (usually PNM poles). The amended sections of the Zoning Code include §14-16-1-5 Definitions; §14-16-3-17 Wireless Telecommunications Facilities Regulations. Adopted December 1, 2014.
  • Council Bill O-13-63, 13EPC-40153 – This amendment revises the Appeal Section, 14-16-4-4 of the Zoning Code to remove the exception that appeals of zone map amendments (zone changes) cannot be heard by the Land Use Hearing Officer (LUHO) prior to being heard by the City Council. The proposed text amendment creates consistency in the appeal process for all cases heard by the EPC. Adopted April 21, 2014.
  • Council Bill O-13-57, 13EPC-40120 – This amendment revises the Variance Criteria presented in §14-16-4-2(C)(2) of the Zoning Code to be more consistent with the State’s statue. Adopted January 6, 2014.
  • Council Bill O-13-62, 13EPC-40133 – These amendments allow and regulate permeable surfacing or permeable pavement. The amended sections of the Zoning Code include §14-16-3-1(F) General Parking Regulations; §14-16-2-15(A) O-1 Office and Institution Zone; and §14-16-1-5(B) Definitions. Adopted January 6, 2014.

Previously Approved Amendments

The full legislative record and text of amendments to the Zoning Code can be found by searching by year at