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Albuquerque Development Commission

Learn more about the Albuquerque Development Commission.


The ADC consists of five members.

  • Sherman McCorkle
  • John Mechenbier
  • Paul Silverman
  • James Strozier
  • Grayson Lee Trussell

This Commission was formed in accordance with the State’s Metropolitan Redevelopment Code and City Ordinance.


The Albuquerque Development Commission (ADC) was created in accordance with the State’s Metropolitan Redevelopment Code (3-60A-16 to 3-60A-48 NMSA 1978) and City Ordinance (Ord.) 33-2004 (§ 2-14-1-5).

In conjunction with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency, the ADC has the authority to approve the sale of land within a designated Metropolitan Redevelopment Area that is covered by a redevelopment plan. The ADC also serves as an advisory body to the City Council for approval of project plans and inducement resolutions for private purpose bonds. They also review economic development strategies submitted by the Office of Economic Development that affect the public benefit.

General Meeting Information

The ADC meets on the third Thursday of each month. Meetings are held at 2 p.m. at 600 2nd Street NW in the basement level Hearing Room.

Notice: Free 2-hour parking for Plaza del Sol customers is available on the north side of the building at 600 Second Street NW. This parking lot is monitored by Parking Services - vehicles in the lot for more than 2 hours are subject to fines and or/towing.

Staff Contact

For questions or more information, contact the Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency Manager, Rebecca Velarde at (505) 924-3844.

Scheduled Meetings

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