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Information about volunteering with Albuquerque's Open Space Program

Become a vital part of Open Space - become a volunteer!

Trail Watch Volunteer Program

Check our calendar of events for the next training for Trail Watch and Adopt-an-Open Space.

Contact Jolynn Maestas at [email protected] or call 452-5207 to sign up!

Trail Watch Volunteers are the foundation of the volunteer program - essentially, all volunteers are trained to be Trail Watch. Trail Watch is ideal for those volunteers who enjoy using the trails. Often referred to as Open Space "eyes and ears", these volunteers patrol areas of their choice and record observations, report problems and needs, and educate the public on proper resource use.

I Want to Volunteer

Fill out a volunteer interest form mail or email it to the Volunteer Coordinator, Jolynn Maestas at [email protected]. You may also call 452-5207 for more information.

Volunteer Forms

What do Open Space Trail Watch Volunteers Do?

  • Volunteers

    Report observations such as flora and wildlife sightings and visitor activities;
  • They notify the Division of maintenance needs and law enforcement issues;
  • Educate and guide the public to be good stewards;
  • And assist with conservation projects.

All volunteers are trained to report observations while using the trail and educate visitors on sustainable land use.

Adopt an Open Space

As an extension of the Trail Watch Volunteer program, the Adopt-an-Open Space program was formed to concentrate stewardship in a targeted area. TWV duties are applied, but adopters also agree to organize at least one group project per year. Some areas may require more scheduled projects within a year. In the foothills, individuals or groups can adopt trails and assist with the essential maintenance of these visitor corridors. In the bosque, groups of 10 or more can adopt restoration areas and help with non-native plant control and trail maintenance. At the City's expense, a sign is installed in the adopted area recognizing the adopters efforts.

Call Jim Sattler at 452-5213 or email [email protected] for information.

Getting Started

All volunteers attend a two-hour orientation that provides background on the Open Space Division, volunteer responsibilities, and addresses issues of law enforcement. Volunteers are required to contribute a minimum of 25 hours per year and complete two additional trainings or attend two programs of the individual's choice. All volunteers receive a packet with maps, brochures and information, a badge, a lanyard and a patch; after completion of 25 hours volunteers receive an official Open Space Volunteer t-shirt.

Open Space Visitor Center Volunteers

Open Space Visitor Center Volunteers work at the beautiful facility and are trained to:

  • Greet visitors and tell them about the Visitor Center
  • Introduce visitors to changing educational and art exhibits
  • Work in the demonstration gardens
  • Assist with programming and events
  • Describe the history, purpose and goals of the Open Space program
  • Encourage visitors to explore Open Space lands
  • Observe and interpret the Visitor Center’s wildlife and plants
  • Learn and share: The geography of the Open Space system, the history of the Piedras Marcadas Pueblo Village, the natural and human history of the Middle Rio Grande Valley

Call (505) 897-8831 to register and learn about the training program.

What do Open Space Visitor Center volunteers say when asked, “What draws you to Open Space?”

  • “I became a volunteer because I enjoy the atmosphere at the Visitor Center.”
  • “The staff gives me the freedom to see a need, make a plan, and create a solution! Something I couldn’t do in my paid job.”
  • “I keep coming back - the community of Open Space is a definite positive in my life.”
  • “The Open Space Visitor Center is a magical place.”


Volunteers at this City Park are important members of our team. They provide various types of support. Volunteers can do maintenance, to trash pick-up, to a safety aid on the range. We have a list of activities you can choose from but, we are open to new ideas if you are willing to work on your own projects.

Volunteering your time and hard work at the Albuquerque Shooting Range Park has benefits. The Park will give back. For every 20 hours you volunteer, you will have the choice of a Trap & Skeet card at half price or a free month on the rifle/pistol range.

CONTACT: 505-836-8785
Shooting Range Park Website


Interested in a one-day conservation project? Go to our Calendar of Events page and find a perfect volunteer project for you! Annual volunteer projects include:

Join the Open Space Division and other local organizations for these fun and family-friendly community service projects.


Sandia Foothills Volunteers: Are you an early riser? Do you enjoy watching the sun rise over the Sandias and seeing wildlife? If you have some extra time on your hands in the mornings and you don’t know what to do with it, we can help you! Volunteers ar