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Rio Grande Vision State Park Project

Information about the Rio Grande Vision State Park Project

The Rio Grande Vision State Park Project is about connecting Albuquerque's citizens to the river while protecting the spectacular resource that flows through the heart of our community. Keeping the Bosque a vital, treasured habitat and destination requires full community support.

The Rio Grande Vision has come a long way since it was introduced in 2013. After several public meetings, Bosque walk-throughs, and working with Bosque advocates, it is clear that promoting the health of the ecosystem in the Rio Grande Bosque is the best outcome for wildlife and the community.

Proposed improvements will not impact the Bosque's environment any more than routine maintenance. The project will improve access to the Bosque for everyone, including those with disabilities, and eliminating "rogue trails" that are harmful to the existing environment. Also proposed are educational signs, benches, a multi-use crusher fine trial, and habitat restoration of areas with poor ecological conditions.

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