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Convention Center Facelift

Albuquerque Convention Center Improvements

caption:ABQ Convention Center

The Albuquerque Convention Center recently received a much needed facelift. Improvements targeted multiple renovations needed to better facilitate large conventions and events. Renovations included multiple updates to the current infrastructure and amenities. These renovations allow the structure to be better equipped at handling larger local and traveling events. This has the potential to bring a great deal of extra business and tourism to the City of Albuquerque.


The budget for design and construction was approximately $25 million and was provided by debt refinancing, roadway and 3% energy efficiency funding.

Project Status:

The project is complete. Phase 1 included renovation of the West Building ballrooms and kitchen, a new service elevator, renovation of the dock area, and re-stuccoing the exterior of the East Building.  Phase 1 was completed in September 2013.

Phase 2 construction began in October 2013 and was completed in October of 2014.    Phase 2 included the installation of a new glass façade on the west side of the West Building, a new stain and re-stucco for the exterior of the West Building, a new balcony, a new executive conference room, renovations to the atrium common spaces and meeting rooms including carpeting and finishes, and improvements to 3rd Street between Marquette Avenue and Tijeras Avenue.