Running Start

Information about Running Start for Careers, a high school retention and workforce development program.

Partner Information

Running Start for Careers is administered by our partners, Albuquerque Public Schools and Central New Mexico Community College.

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The goal of Running Start for Careers is to give students direct entry into industry-developed and industry-taught programs in career development areas during their 11th and 12th grade years.

Running Start will allow electives to be utilized so that students who participate in approved programs will be able to graduate with the rest of their classmates.


Students will also graduate with an industry certificate showing pre-apprenticeship or career development training that could be submitted to potential employers.

Students will be able to utilize curriculum that is industry-developed and industry-taught, approved by their school administration in accordance with Public Education standards and requirements. Instruction will be provided by industry experts in their respective fields.


Classes will be taught at either industry locations (union halls or other industry training facilities) or at other existing facilities.

The industry together with the school administration, will be allowed to recruit, test and select participants for their respective programs.

Am I Eligible?

Eligibility is open to any student attending a high school (public, charter, alternative, ancillary, or private) in the Albuquerque metropolitan area that offers elective credit in career pathways is eligible provided that there is a representative at the school who documents student registration, monitors or assists in monitoring internship or apprenticeship placements and certifies elective credit earned.

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