Rio Grande & Bosque Improvements

Bringing the river into our daily lives.


Rio Grande Vision

The Rio Grande Vision (RGV) is about connecting Albuquerque to the river, while protecting the spectacular amenity and resource that flows through the heart of our community.

Actions to date


The visioning process looked at the future of the Rio Grande corridor and the Rio Grande Valley State Park. The visioning process took place from August 2012 to August 2013.  Public meetings were held as part of this process.

Rio Grande Bosque Educational Forums

In 2014, the City teamed up with the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, Bosque Ecological Monitoring Program and the University of New Mexico to host a series of panel discussions regarding the past, present and future of the Rio Grande, the Bosque, and Rio Grande Valley State Park the forums were well attended and accomplished the intended purpose of communicating the variety of challenges of managing the Bosque.

Environmental Monitoring

The City hired SWCA Environmental Consultants to conduct environmental monitoring in the project area. This work began in September of 2013 and continued into 2014.  The results will set the stage for more detailed design so that a quality dialogue with the public can occur.

Plans for Improvements

The City has allocated approximately $2.9 million for improvements to the Rio Grande Valley State Park (RGVSP) from Central Avenue to I-40.  Types of improvements may include environmental monitoring, Bosque restoration, planning, design and implementation.


The City of Albuquerque is committed to development of projects that will align with the 1993 Bosque Action Plan, which was developed to guide management of resource and wildlife protection, recreation and education. Additional guidance comes from Environmental Monitoring Report, which found the Bosque needs management and restoration. The Rio Grande Valley State Park, Central to Montano Project: Environmental Monitoring Plan and Baseline Data Report, was prepared by SWCA Environmental Consultants over the past year. The study was conducted to determine existing conditions within the Rio Grande Valley State Park and Bosque to evaluate whether any proposed actions within the project area could result in predictable or detectable environmental change. These actions are necessary for the City to responsibly manage human use and ecological conditions within the State Park and Bosque.


We are continuously listening to public input. The Albuquerque Open Space Division hosted two hikes on two consecutive Saturdays  in January to look at existing recreation trails in the Bosque from Central Avenue north to I-40.

Open Space is seeking input, ideas, and suggestions for managing current and future trail uses in the area.

This first hike, January 17 covered the southern half of the Central to I-40 area. The second hike, January 24 covered the northern half. Public input and suggestions about recreation management in the Bosque is important for future planning. We will consider more hikes as the demand for them grows.


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