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Plan for Prosperity

Help the City of Albuquerque create a Plan for Prosperity.


Mayor Berry has formulated a team focused on creating a Plan for Prosperity (P4P) designed for people living in the Albuquerque metro area. While the city has master plans that center around building codes, infrastructure requirements, and utilities, a Plan for Prosperity would define prosperity citywide. In late 2013, the Mayor convened a group of civic leaders to start a conversation about what prosperity looks like for our city, knowing that the definition of prosperity would look different across cultures, geographic boundaries, and age groups.

What is P4P?

P4P is a collective impact approach to creating a shared vision for what a prosperous Albuquerque might look like. It gives citizens the opportunity to share their hopes and dreams for our city, community, and neighborhoods. At the end of this process, tangible goals, objectives, and metrics will be developed, all tied to a citizen-led vision for prosperity in Albuquerque.  The initial goal of P4P is to create consensus surrounding action items, and capitalize on collaborative resources to help our community reach their prosperity goals. The community-based dialogues will help define and increase prosperity within Albuquerque.