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Week of November 15, 2010, David Harper

David Harper is an employee in the Department of Finance and Administrative Services.

The City of Albuquerque found a way to make more than half a million dollars in sales of surplus equipment in Fiscal Year 2010 because of the hard work and dedication of Albuquerque City employee, James David Harper. About three years ago, the DFAS Purchasing/Warehouse where David works, implemented an online auction website, where interested buyers could purchase city surplus at the click of a mouse. Launching this website was going to require many new job duties. The city thought about creating a new job position to take them on but because of David, that position was never needed.

After the first online auction closed nearly three years ago, David realized the potential it had. He saw its value and made it a personal interest to help it succeed. Without David, it is hard to say that the program would be the success that it is today

David put in extra hours at work and came in on weekends to ensure that this new online auction was a success. It was never part of David’s job duties to under take the online auction but he did. He realized its potential and was able to see the vision of its benefits.

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