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Week of June 27, 2011, J. Herbert, A. Archuleta, S. Miller, C. Blair

Employees of the Week: Josh Herbert, West Mesa Aquatic Center’s Manager, Aaron Archuleta, Head Lifeguard, Steven Miller, Head Lifeguard, and Charlotte Blair, Lifeguard

Josh Herbert, Aaron Archuleta, Steven Miller, and Charlotte Blair, employees in the Parks and Recreation Department Aquatics Division are this week’s Employees of the Week.

On June 16, Lifeguard Charlotte Blair noticed a young girl drowning in the outdoor pool at the West Mesa Aquatic Center. Blair immediately activated the emergency action plan and entered the water. With assistance from Head Lifeguards Steven Miller and Aaron Archuleta the girl was removed from the water.

Upon being removed from the pool it was noticed that the swimmer was coughing and having difficulty breathing. Due to these issues the swimmer was moved to the first aid station where Miller and Archuleta surveyed her vital signs. Manager of West Mesa’s pool, Josh Herbert, administered oxygen and monitored vital signs for approximately ten minutes until the girl’s breathing rate became normal.

The swimmer was found to have no further injuries and was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital for follow up. She was released to her family later that afternoon.

According to Mayor Berry, the lifeguards showed exceptional execution of the training that they receive. “We are very fortunate to have such outstanding, well trained personnel at our city pools. Thanks to their skilled handling of this emergency situation, a life was saved.”

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