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Vincent Saavedra, Week of January 17, 2011

Vincent Saavedra is an employee in the Aviation Department and works as a stockkeepr in the department's warehouse.

Vincent Saavedra, a stock keeper at the Aviation Warehouse, is being honored for going above and beyond his job duties. Saavedra had an idea that saved the department an overall 50% for their purchases of specific equipment.

Saavedra researched, identified, and cross matched specific heavy duty power cables used in the Aviation Jet Bridge electrical power distribution. Due to his efforts, he identified a very significant cost saving opportunity for their purchasing of power cables. The old method used components that cost the Aviation Department $22.00 per foot which amounted to approximately $7,700 for a 350’ spool. However, the new method that Saavedra identified uses similar parts from another local vendor, but at $9.41 per foot. Their normal 350’ spool requisition now costs $3,393.50 for an overall cost savings to the Department of $4,406.50.

“With the interest of the taxpayer at heart, Mr. Saavedra is single handedly responsible for identifying a cost cutting measure which resulted in significant savings for the Aviation Department. He is to be commended for his efforts,” said Mayor Berry.

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