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Vic Beserra & Joe Martinez, Week of August 22, 2011

Employees of the Week: Vic Beserra, Environmental Health Department and Joe Martinez, Director of the Safe City Strike Force

Vic Beserra, an employee in the Environmental Health Department and Joe Martinez the Director of the Safe City Strike, are this week’s employees of the week.

It is the job of these two men to be sure that citizens of Albuquerque are living in a healthy and safe environment.

During the week of June 20th Beserra and Martinez responded to a complaint from a worried family of a disabled citizen. They complained that there was mold contamination and substandard living conditions at an apartment complex where their loved one resided.

After inspecting the apartment Beserra and Martinez found numerous building code and ADA violations, including mold. These deplorable conditions led to a meeting with both the apartment complex manager and the corporate maintenance supervisor. Apartment management then did an inspection with both Beserra and Martinez and immediately determined that the apartment was unfit for living. They also determined that the apartment lacked the handicap accessibility that was required to accommodate the needs of the disabled resident.

The tenant was moved to another apartment the same day as the inspections and the necessary handicap accessibility improvements were made to her apartment and were completed by June 23.

“This is just one example of many in which these two gentlemen go above and beyond to ensure tenants and residents of Albuquerque have safe living conditions. Vic and Joe are an asset to our community and in this case, their efforts were critical to address the needs of a vulnerable member of our community,” said Mayor Berry.

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