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Thom Lujan, Week of January 31, 2011

Thom Lujan is an employee in the Aviation Department.

Thom Lujan, an employee in the Aviation Department, is being honored for going above and beyond his job duties. Lujan went above the call of duty by ensuring a customer received her lost debit card.

On Thursday Nov. 4, customer Angela Ekofo dropped her debit card in the parking structure of the Albuquerque Sunport Airport. It was not until Saturday, Nov. 7 did Ekofo realize that her debit card was missing.

Without knowing the whereabouts of her debit card, she went into work on the following Monday. That is where she discovered a voicemail message indicating that Aviation employee Lujan had found her debit card on the floor of the parking garage, saved it for her, and had notified her that it was in safekeeping.

We thank and honor Thom Lujan for his honesty and compassion during this time.

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