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Theresa Alling, Week of March 1, 2010

Theresa Alling works in the Consumer Health Protection Division of the Environmental Health Department.

Because of Theresa Alling’s wit, good sense and intuition, Albuquerque is a little safer today.

Working off of a tip that a local tattoo parlor may be operating illegally, Theresa inspected the shop and found herself in a very dangerous situation. While inside the parlor, Theresa was face-to-face with an employee without a state license and under the influence of drugs performing body art. This employee became aggressive and belligerent toward Theresa while she was inside the parlor. Her calming demeanor allowed her to continue the inspection, documenting and photographing the facility so that she could put together a complete report.

Theresa quickly facilitated an inter-departmental response, consisting of the Safe City Strike Force, Fire, and APD to conduct further inspections of the illegal facility. The investigation led to citations for the violations found, and in the end, closure of the illegal body art business. To add a sweet ending to the case, the body art operator voluntarily accepted rehabilitation for his drug addiction.

Theresa’s quick thinking, investigative skills, and teamwork with other city and state departments has made the body art industry in Albuquerque safer for its citizens and guests.Theresa Alling, Mayor Richard J. Berry, Director Mary Lou Leonard.


Theresa Alling, Mayor Richard J. Berry, Director Mary Lou Leonard.


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