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Susanna Serna & Jericha Baca, Week of January 11, 2010

Susanna Serna is a Senior Meal Site driver with the Department of Senior Affairs. Jericha Baca is an employee at the Los Duranes Community Center for the Department of Family and Community Services.

On January 4, 2010, Susanna Serna was driving her route picking up Albuquerque’s senior citizens to take them to the Los Duranes Community Center. When she stopped at Erlinda Anaya’s home no one came to the door and the scene was unusually quiet. Serna took the senior citizens who were in her van to the community center and asked Jericha Baca to return to Ms. Anaya’s home to check on her. When the two knocked on her door, again, there was no response. Out of concern, the two women instinctively called 911. When paramedics arrived a short time later, they found Ms. Anaya in her pajamas on the floor, a victim of a possible fall or sudden illness. Paramedics rushed Ms. Anaya to the hospital where she is currently being treated. Paramedics later told Susanna and Jericha that their quick thinking and their big hearts to check on Ms. Anaya saved her life that day.


Susanna Serna & Jericha Baca with Mayor Berry

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