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Scott Denning, Week of March 22, 2010

Scott works at the East Mountain Library, which is in the Cultural Services Department.

In early January Scott began project some thought was impossible to complete. There were hundreds of books in the library system that were considered to be in a "limbo hold," meaning customers had requested the books, but never received them.

Scott worked on the "Limbo holds" cleanup for the library system by checking View Holds and generating lists for each branch. He worked on over 1,100 items that the library’s customers had requested but had received because of the holds process.

Scott paid extra special attention to the Tramway/Lomas branch so that the items would be resolved before the building closed for renovation. This effort helped clean up these trapped holds into the hands of customers who had requested them.

A win for the library system and a win for the library patrons!

From left, Scott Denning and Mayor Richard J. Berry.

From left, Scott Denning and Mayor Richard J. Berry.
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