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Sandra Sanchez, Week of July 5, 2010

Sandra Sanchez works as a 311 Call Center Agent in the Department of Finance and Administrative Services.

“I already took the pills there is nothing you can do.” Those were the first words 311 operator Sandra Sanchez heard when she answered the phone. The caller had taken some pills and stated she wanted to die. The caller was very upset, crying hysterically. Sanchez had to calm the caller down, and asses the situation. She had to switch her mindset quickly to handle potentially life threatening situation. During a very difficult situation Sanchez managed to get the callers name, phone number, and address. She was able to contact her supervisor and explain the situation. From there the supervisor was able to contact police and talk the caller into allowing them to transfer her call to police. Because Sanchez was quick thinking and compassionate she was able to get the caller the help she needed to save her life.

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