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Ryan Gustafson, Week of March 7, 2011

Ryan Gustafson works in the Information Technology Services Division of the Department of Finance and Adminstrative Services.

Ryan Gustafson, an employee from the Information Technology Services Division within the Department of Finance and Administration, is being honored for going above and beyond his job duties.

Gustafson has only been an employee with the City of Albuquerque for 8 months and has already saved the City and his department over $305,000.00 plus an additional $50,000.00 in annual maintenance expenses.

Gustafson used his own personal camera and went into the server room that housed all of the City servers and created a virtual simulation of them on his computer. The simulation was instrumental to the department in several ways.

Because of his efforts, IT staff has the ability to monitor operations from their own desk instead of having to constantly make in person checks. Gustafson’s system included radio alert buttons that are able to notify their office if the servers reach low space, experience high volume or encounter any other issues. This prevents the servers from crashing due to unforeseeable issues by providing advance notice of a problem.

“Mr. Gustafson showed great initiative in coming up with an efficient system to monitor IT operations and at the same time saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because of his skills and expertise as well as his interest in fiscal responsibility, he has shown himself to be a tremendous asset to the City,” said Mayor Berry.

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