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Nigel Philcox, Week of August 2, 2010

Earlier this summer, Nigel Philcox proved he’s not just an employee who goes above and beyond the call of duty, but that he’s truly one of Albuquerque’s good Samaritans.

Nigel was driving the Blue Line, which runs stops at the University of New Mexico campus. A passenger on board the bus mistakenly left his wallet on one of the seats of the bus. Following ABQ Ride policy, Nigel picked up the wallet and turned it in to the department’s Lost & Found. It’s what Nigel did next that earned him this accolade. Nigel, knowing that the man would be fretting over his lost wallet, went to the passenger’s house. Nigel informed his former passenger how to retrieve the wallet and even left his business card in case the gentleman had any questions.
Nigel went to the passenger’s house on his own time, after his shift, and wasn’t expecting any special recognition. But the truth is, all passengers aboard his bus do recognize him for the good work he does every day on Albuquerque’s public transit system.

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