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Mayor Richard J. Berry’s Office Recognizes This Week’s Employee of the Week

Employee of the Week: Michael Farias

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Michael Farias is a Clean City supervisor of the City of Albuquerque’s Solid Waste Department. Mr. Farias is this week’s employee of the week.

Last month, Mr. Farias was contacted by one of his worker’s informing him of a child that appeared to be lost walking around by himself on Rio Grande underneath I-40. Mr. Farias immediately went to the location and called the Albuquerque Police Department on his way.

Mr. Farias arrived at the location and tried to talk to the boy but the child moved further away, the closer that Mr. Farias got to him. Mr. Farias patiently persisted in trying to figure out why the disoriented boy was walking around a busy intersection. Eventually the boy calmed down and stayed near Mr. Farias, at the point Mr. Farias realized the boy did not understand him.

A citizen saw the situation unfolding and walked up to Mr. Farias and told him that he knew the child and that this child was autistic. The citizen and his wife helped Mr. Farias keep the child calm until APD arrived to assist.

Mr. Farias didn’t need to respond to this call as part of his job duty and easily could have left the task up to the police department. Instead, he was proactive; he went out of his way to make sure this child would be safe and he stayed with the disabled child.



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