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Mayor Richard J. Berry Recognizes This Week’s Employee of the Week

Arlene DeFoor, Albuquerque Schools Crossing Guard, Albuquerque Police Department

April 13, 2012

Arlene DeFoor works as a crossing guard for schools in the City of Albuquerque. Ms. DeFoor is this week’s employee of the week.

Ms. DeFoor, who is an octogenarian, is being recognized for decades of great dedication to the safety of the youth of the City of Albuquerque on a daily basis.

Ms. DeFoor has been with the City of Albuquerque since 1987 as a crossing guard. She has spent the majority of her time at Zuni Elementary School, where she is loved and adored by the students and their parents. Despite her elderly age she goes to work everyday prepared for whatever comes her way. She could be in retirement but instead decides its best to serve her community.

A neighbor, living near Zuni Elementary, submitted her name in a letter written to Mayor Richard J. Berry. On many occasions this neighbor has witnessed her calmly dealing with drivers who have road rage, while lovely greeting the families that have grown accustom her welcoming them to  the school campus.

It has been noted that she is seen by the students as a grandmother figure and sometimes they even give her hugs when they see her in the morning or afternoon. Ms. DeFoor is always prompt, kind, and hospitable. She is a wonderful example to everyone she comes in contact with.



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